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Marketing Agency

We are a marketing agency with a holistic approach to marketing, integrating the high potential of digital marketing channels such as SEO, SEM, and social media with the extensive coverage offered by Out-Of-Home advertising through billboards, radio, and transportation. Our aim is to craft the most impactful and successful marketing campaign specifically tailored to your needs and goals as a business organization.

Digital Marketing

We help you connect your business with your online audience through Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, website, SEO, SEM, email, and mobile apps in ​the Sultanate of Oman.

Content Creation

We create high-quality content that is creative, clever, and custom-made – to transfer your brand’s message to your desired clients in a different way!

Web Development & Optimization

Blue Coppers provides all types of Dynamic, WordPress, E-commerce website development, mobile application development, and Web application development in Oman.

Out Of Home Advertising (OOH)

Out Of Home advertising (OOH), known as “Outdoor marketing” too, is one of the oldest forms of advertising, ​however, it continues to thrive because it remains powerful and adaptive.  

Events & Public Relations

For an all-around marketing service, we at Blue Coppers, organize virtual events on the ground that speak to your audience. it’s here where we also grow and manage your public relations. 

Consultation & Market Research

Efficient marketing campaigns start with insights, insight into your brand’s wants and needs, and insight into the market and your audience’s likes and dislikes, therefore, marketing consulting and market research are our tools to gain those valuable insights.


Sami Al Bahlani

Managing Director

The founder and managing director of Blue Coppers, with a vision to provide professional and creative marketing services.

Marketing Director


Marketing Director

The project manager, here to make sure your service is done on the set time and budget while making sure quality is top notch.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Thahseer Ali

Digital Marketer

The specialist in digital marketing, up to the minute with the latest digital trends, and an expert in behind-the-scenes digital platform operations.

Graphic Designer


Creative Designer

Salim brings a fresh and creative perspective into the mix with his design skills and attention to detail that are complemented by his knowledge and passion. He is great at identifying the best design concepts for each project.

Hani Al Kalbani

Account Manager

Hani acts as the liaison between the agency and the clients to establish effective communication and service delivery, coordinating solutions, addressing needs, and ensuring total satisfaction.

Admin Officer


Administrative Officer

With over 4 years of experience in HR & Admin, Alaa ensures that internal Blue Coppers standards and regulations are maintained to better serve our clients with the highest quality.

Our Clients:

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A decent number of the major businesses operating within today’s domestic or international markets didn’t get as big as they are now, or even existed a decade ago. A lot of traditional businesses that were not quick enough to adapt and “digitalize”, immediately lost substantial marketshare to businesses that were, and as a consequence, no longer exist today as anything but a footnote. Digital Marketing is quickly gaining traction at such a speed that, if done right, is more than likely to gain you positive returns and streamline your business channels, ASAP.

At Blue Coppers, we’ll help you achieve that and more.

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