About Blue Coppers

Behind Blue Coppers’ expertly made campaigns lies a genuine passion to see our clients not only succeed, but thrive. Founder & Managing Director Sami Al Bahlani leads a team driven to materialize growth, exceeding expectations with every step. Beyond strategies, we’re not just another agency, but a trusted partner.


Sami Al Bahlani

Managing Director

The founder and managing director of Blue Coppers, with a vision to provide professional and creative marketing services.


Head of Marketing

The project manager, here to make sure your service is done on the set time and budget while making sure quality is top notch.

Farshad Parsa

Digital Marketer

The specialist in digital marketing, up to the minute with the latest digital trends, and an expert in behind-the-scenes digital platform operations.


Graphic Designer

The visual language creator for your brand, with creative and clever content ideas.  Possessing a very high affinity for art and all things design.

Hani Al Kalbani

Account Manager

Hani acts as the liaison between the agency and the clients to establish effective communication and service delivery, coordinating solutions, addressing needs, and ensuring total satisfaction.


Marketing Specialist

The expert in market research & creative writing. Effortlessly finding new ways to reach intended targets and constantly meeting assigned projects with maximum initiative.

Our Services

Blue Coppers is a versatile agency that’s all about A-Z marketing and advertising brilliance. With our multifaceted approach, we’re capable of realizing a lot of value for your business ranging from captivating online campaigns to show-stopping tangible experiences.


Brand presence is our playground, and we take it to new heights both in the digital realm and the real world. Capitalize on OOH & DOOH strategies, where creativity meets technology to leave those we pass by in awe.


All the while, market research and planning is being carried out behind the scenes to ensure that every move made is backed by data-driven insights.


Elevate your brand’s presence, captivate your audience and leave a lasting impact.

Our Office

Our office is located within the heart of Muscat, its spacious and bright design gives life and energy to our team to brainstorm the most creative ideas and strategies for all of your marketing needs.

Our Clients:

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