Content Creation

At Blue Coppers, we produce high-quality content that is creative, clever and custom-made to put a fresh spin on your company’s message and to effectively convey it.

Photography and Graphic Design services 


We offer a wide range of photography services, including product photography, event photography, and industrial photography. You name it, and we’ve got it covered!

Graphic Design

We specialize in creating posters and banners, designing logos, crafting social media posts, and producing custom graphical content for company profiles and presentations.

Textual Posts

For direct messages and Call-To-Action (CTA) content, text posts are our preferred choice. However, picking the right color, size, and font is crucial for optimal impact and effectiveness.


Tired of dealing with statistics, numbers, names, scores, details and dates? opt for our elegant and easy-to-read infographics to match your brand identity’s guidelines.


According to many scientific studies, our brains love video! A typical viewer casually watching something will actively remember 95% of it. In contract, if that same video was translated into a text-based format, the viewer would only be able to recall a mere 10% of it. A high percentage of retention is directly attributed to just the format used to convey the message though, as other factors such as: type, timing and target audience will more than likely affect how well it is received. At Blue Coppers, we’ll evaluate the factors and conditions that would work best for you and implement them.

Photography & Graphic Design

A picture speaks a thousand words, but that’s not always a good thing. What’s more important is a right picture that speaks the right words to your audience. Whether you need to breathe life into your website, social media, or advertising, Blue Coppers photographers tell engaging stories with photos that are styled, lit and edited for maximum impact.

    Textual Content

    Videos and pictures are powerful tools for capturing the attention of your audience, but the calls to action are conveyed through the written or spoken word. Let us assist you in bringing your thoughts into reality!

      How Blue Coppers generate your unique content in the highest quality?

      Attractive Content

      Attractiveness extends beyond polished aesthetics; it should deliver meaningful value in exchange for the reader’s time investment. As Content creators, we craft material that not only captures attention but also provides information, entertainment, or insight that resonates with the audience, forming connections and encouraging engagement.

      Proper structure 

      What separates the good content from the bad, is proper structure. Any content made needs to have some measure of planning and thought go into how easy it is to read and digest. The rule of thumb is to always strive to deliver a message with as much simplicity as possible while gaining insight into the framing and the different supporting elements of the content itself.

      Interactive Content

      Great content always establishes a strong connection with the audience, motivating them to actively engage and participate in the discussion. This, in turn, fosters a sense of encouragement for the audience to read the text thoroughly and share their opinions and experiences on the content’s subject with the author and fellow readers.

      Expert Writing

      Moreover, successful content is, the result of a content writing expert. An experienced content writer knows that by creating something that is light and easy to grasp, the chances of capturing a lot of reach also go up. This is evident through what many top international advertising agencies are doing today with their own advertising content, which raises their credibility even more.

      Textual Content

      Attractive Content

      To create valuable text-based content, setting clear goals is essential. Our primary focus is addressing the audience’s needs and aligning our messaging with the core objectives of what we’re promoting.


      Every client deserves content that is entirely unique to them. Recycling dulls impact and can harm reputation. Prioritize creativity in content production; it can captivate audiences and drive engagement.

      SEO friendly

      Creating textual content involves a blend of creativity and SEO finesse. Strategic use of keywords, synonyms, and antonyms enhances the effectiveness of your messages, making them potent advertisements.


      Your textual content should contain a good variety in words, but not complex or uncommon words. While composing an advertising or marketing message, its best to always have public accessibility in mind.

      Content Creation Services

      As you’ll see below, there are several types of video, several types of image posts, and several guidelines for your texts to make your content pop, and make it engaging and memorable.

      Our team of digital content creators will research your market to devise the most suitable content creation strategy for your audience and your platform, whether video, photo, text, or combination.

      What do we do for “content production”?

      At the outset of the project, our team takes a deep dive into market research relative to your business category, competitive landscape and target audience. This involves careful selection and preparation of a lot of the finer details such as: keywords, colors, templates and elements based on the research findings.

      How do we finalize the content idea?

      It is worth mentioning that the results will be collected from the keywords that actually have been used heavily by users and also the keywords that are commonly used by other similar companies operating within the same field or market, who might be considered competitors. Subsequently, by formulating a marketing strategy, the content list, with all the fine details, will be prepared. When the content production process is initiated, Blue Coppers’ expert content writers ensure it is tailored to the users’ needs and is entirely unique. This results in content that is creatively crafted and cannot be copied or simply rewritten from other sources.

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      Your brand’s content, is the first impression on your clients, so make it unique and impressive.