Out of Home Advertising

Out Of Home Advertising (OOH), also known as “Outdoor Marketing”, is one of the oldest forms of advertising. Despite its history, it continues to thrive as an advertising medium because it remains powerful and adaptive.

What is OOH and D​​OOH?

Home (OOH) advertising is any form of advertising you see outside your home and not on your screens.

Thousands of years ago, (yes! This is how old OOH is), it was tall stone obelisks to publicize laws and treaties. Today it includes everything from billboards to public transport, mall wallscapes, and everything in between.

Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) is the latest addition, it utilizes today’s technologies to deliver digital and interactive advertising to your audience outdoors, which can also be specific to gender, age, and/or location.

Blue Coppers creates and manages your OOH and DOOH campaigns, we choose the most suitable channels for you, what runs on them, and for how long to run them to get the highest Return On Investment (ROI).


Digital billboards are computer-controlled electronic displays capable of playing videos, moving images, or live streams. Some can also deliver targeted ads based on collected input, such as gender, age, or location.

Perks of DOOH:

  • Interactive
  • Real-time
  • Eye-catching
  • Dynamic
  • Scalable
  • Automated
  • Engaging
  • Cost-Effective
  • Customizable


OOH ads are static display messages that reach audiences outside their homes, and are usually printed in vinyl. They reliably have a strong impact and can adapt to many different form factors and sizes.

Perks of OOH:

  • Visible
  • Credible
  • Targetable
  • Frequent
  • Non-skippable
  • High-Impact
  • Flexible
  • Non-intrusive
  • Memorable

    Billboards, flashing lights, signs, and outdoor media are among the diverse possibilities of Out-of-Home advertising. Explore these engaging avenues to capture attention and connect with your target audience effectively.

    OOH advertising encompasses any form of media encountered outside the confines of our homes, such as street displays. It is experiencing a remarkable resurgence, offering opportunities to connect with diverse audiences and tap into new demographics. Despite the rise of online and social campaigns, out-of-home marketing remains a vital and effective means of reaching people, proving that effective advertising is not solely reliant on clicks. Continue reading to delve into the world of out-of-home advertising and discover the most optimal strategies for its implementation.

    Why should you consider using OOH & DOOH along with your digital marketing?

    Outdoor advertising typically features longer campaigns, ensuring repeated exposure of your brand name and campaign to your audience. Unlike purely digital advertising, OOH & DOOH leaves a lasting impression on the subconscious mind, particularly for event, exhibition, or conference-related campaigns. Remember, for long-term campaigns, outdoor advertising is essential alongside digital marketing efforts.

    Not to mention, businesses that invest in OOH within the sultanate are also establishing more credibility for their brand, as OOH ads need to go through legitimate channels under official government authorities before they’re launched.


    Radio advertising offers a distinct advantage that is often overlooked: auditory branding. While visual branding dominates in forms like online, OOH, and DOOH advertising, there are times when you want your clients to recognize you by sound. That’s where radio advertising comes in, providing an opportunity to establish your brand identity through audio. It complements other advertising channels and enables clients to connect with your brand through a unique sensory experience.


    Podcasts have recently surged in popularity as an effective marketing tool, enabling brands to reach targeted niche audiences. By providing informative and educational content, podcasts offer value to listeners. It’s crucial to create non-intrusive ads that don’t feel like spam. Blue Coppers can facilitate podcast ads on both audio and audio-visual platforms.

    Sponsorship marketing involves aligning one brand with another, typically through sponsoring events, such as sports games, conferences, or public awareness campaigns. As our client, you may also choose to local celebrities or business entities under your brand name.

    Affiliate marketing involves affiliates promoting your brand through their own marketing channels. Blue Coppers can help you connect with suitable affiliates who resonate with your brand and target audience.

    Transit advertising

    Transit advertising refers to outdoor media displayed inside or on public transportation. In Oman, we can facilitate a fleet of buses and ferries to display your ads, while creating impactful marketing campaigns designed to maximize impressions and generate leads on the road.


    Sponsorship marketing is when one brand aligns itself with an aspect of another brand. this is usually done through brands sponsoring events, such as a sports game, an event, or a conference. But brands may also choose to sponsor a public awareness campaign, a charity, or even a local celebrity.  

    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing involves affiliates promoting your brand through their own marketing channels. Blue Coppers can help you connect with suitable affiliates who resonate with your brand and target audience.

    Are you concerned about starting your project yet?

    Here are some questions and answers you might have in your mind!


    OOH advertising isn’t always expensive. In many cases, putting up billboards or placing ads on bus benches can be much cheaper than large-scale digital campaigns or TV spots on major channels, providing an option to gain eyes without breaking the bank

    Immediate Impact

    The influence of out-of-home is immediate. There’s no way to turn it off or eliminate it, so consumers are forced to see ads and process the information. And, when placement is strategic, consumers will be motivated to make purchases without delay.

    Highly Noticeable

    It’s hard to ignore things like billboards. Even if consumers don’t want to look at ads, they’re forced to when ads are all around them. There’s no way to make it through life without seeing advertisements, so OOH placement guarantees eyeballs.

    Encourages Impulse Buying

    As is implied by an immediate impact, OOH advertising encourages impulse buying. When ads are in close proximity to products, like end caps in stores or bus stop ads with QR codes that allow for instant contact, shoppers are in a much better position to make a purchase in real-time

    Accepted by Consumers

    Unlike internet ads, which are increasingly frustrating, and even TV ads, which have been a pain point with viewers for years, consumers don’t complain about ads like billboards. When ads aren’t as frustrating, people are more likely to process the information without bias.

    Market Research before OOH campaign

    We utilize strategic techniques to gather informative and analytical data, empowering you to make more informed business decisions. By exploring demographics, purchasing patterns, and target market interests, you can identify market trends, pinpoint your audience, and gain a competitive edge. Our services enable you to benchmark your performance and stay one step ahead of your competitors. Let us equip you with the insights you need to thrive in the market.

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