5 Secrets of having a user friendly website

Building a great website requires more than current best solutions. To build a successful website you need to push the boundaries in your field of work and at the same time maintain a high return rate of visitors which is the secret of brand success. In 1992 there were only ten websites online, but in 2022 there are over 1.9 billion registered websites, and over 400 million of them are doing countinues upgrading on their UI and content.

So you should optimize your website, as much as possible. As someone who has designed great world class websites, in this article I will explain to you the five critical elements of a successful website.

1. The first impression is very important

According to Google research, it only takes 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) for users to make a first impression on your website and stay on it or move on to other sites. This research showed that low visual complexity and simplicity are important factors in attracting and staying users on a website. The appearance of all website elements should be simple and neat, and before designing the website, you should visit the high-traffic sites of competitors and determine the right direction for the development team.

2. The appearance and performance of the website on mobile is important (Mobile responsive)

There are currently 4.32 billion mobile users worldwide, which means that more than 90% of the Internet population use mobile to go online. Mobile traffic has increased from 8.32% in 2012 to 57.37% in 2022. Due to the change in the amount of mobile usage, it is better to optimize your site for mobiles with advanced technology and add more elements to your website at the same time as the mobile screen gets bigger.

Adaptation of the website for the media started in 2012. They were first optimized for the desktop, and then with the shrinking of mobile screens, some of their elements were adapted and some of their elements were removed. This is no longer the best approach. Remember that today’s requirement will become a fad tomorrow. The art is to predict what will remain constant in the next 3-5 years. A mobile web page optimization strategy ensures that your audience has an optimal experience with your site on their favorite device (mobile). Increasing the user’s time on page, encouraging the user to take action and trying to convey the brand’s message more effectively improves the audience’s experience. By using SVG and WebP formats, you will get clearer and faster results, and it is better to leave traditional formats such as JPG and PNG, which are displayed on broken mobile screens.

3. Content is everything

The quality of your content should be equal to or better than the main competitors. Search engines like Google value in-depth and informative websites. Google says that websites should have a useful purpose. Investing in quality standards, professional writing, and creative design will ensure that your website meets the user’s intent, informing, educating, entertaining, or persuading them to make a purchase.

Given that the average user spends 88% more time on websites with video, brands should expand their video content because viewers understand 95% of a message after watching it, while only 10% of it is understood by reading it. . If you include a video on your website’s landing page, it is 53% more likely to appear on the first page of Google results. Remember, quality always trumps quantity when it comes to winning website awards and getting top rankings in Google.

4. User experience should be designed according to future trends

The gaming industry is one of the most advanced industries to deliver successful digital products globally and is valued at more than $300 billion, which is more than the combined value of the film and music industries. No one can cope with a hard user of a system. Games are created to entertain the user. So think about how you can apply a game-like user experience in important areas such as site design and search, interaction and receiving user feedback.

A strong focus on entertainment will set your website apart from the competition and make it fast, easy and engaging to use. A good development strategy can insure your website for years and save you a lot of money. Instead of building the entire system from scratch every year, you can keep your brand competitive and prominent with a limited periodic refresh. Your website should simplify this process. Design your website for the future and think about the hardware landscape in the coming years. The basis of the success of the website is the prediction of the devices used by users in the next 3 to 5 years.

5. You need to build a custom platform or CMS

You can never compete with a custom made suit. Regardless of the value of exotic and special products, everyone ultimately prefers to buy a product that is precisely tailored to their needs. Your business and website follow the same principle. Although you can build your website with a popular and free platform, there comes a time when every good brand needs a competitive edge in the digital sphere. No legacy CMS or platform is as powerful as a platform designed specifically for your business and specific needs. Building a website that takes into account all the above principles and provides better services to its users is not only wonderful, but also improves the performance of your business and ultimately leads to more profits and income.