Marketing Consultation

Effective marketing campaigns always begin with valuable insights. These insights encompass understanding your brand’s objectives and requirements, as well as getting a preliminary look at the market landscape and its dynamics. These insights are crucial and can determine how well a marketing campaign goes initially, depending on the quality of the information collected. Therefore, consultation is a core step in the market research process.

Brand Awareness


Brand Reputation

Blue Coppers Consultation Services

Our consultation services are aimed towards seeing your brand grow and succeed. Strategic consultation services can support your business with insights to make the most out of any challenge or situation. Additionally, these services can uncover longstanding issues and how to solve them, as well as crucial details that can realize immediate positive change for your brand.

Reputation Management (ORM)

Reputation management services empowers you to uncover, monitor, and take charge of your online presence, shaping what people see when searching for you or your business online. Whether its for a personal or for a business brand, online reputation management involves crafting an image that is both positive and professional. Through distinct strategies, these services ensure that people find the information you desire them to see. Or in worst case scenarios, we’ll assist in reputation recovery.

Market Research

Research and Development (R&D) is a valuable tool for constant growth and improvement in any market. R&D entails researching your market and customer needs to create new and improved products, services, profiles and accounts that cater to specified requirements. In short, R&D helps you streamline your business model into a more efficient and effective organization.


  • Brand Awareness
  • Trust
  • Brand Reputation


Different audiences, multiple products, various services, diverse goals and varying timelines all contribute to making every business unique. As a result, no two marketing campaigns can be identical. To develop a distinct and customized marketing strategy, we must closely examine your business, including its vision, its people, and its marketing requirements.

Lead Generation Consultancy

Lead Generation can have definitions that vary noticeably, but in marketing, it refers to generating consumer interest in a business’ product or services. Most businesses aim to generate high-quality leads to increase sales. In order to achieve a consistent inbound stream of leads, a well-calculated and highly considered approach is of utmost importance. If you are interested in discussing Lead Generation services for your business, you may request a consultancy below.

What you’ll get:

  1. Collaboration Meetings.
  2. SWOT Analysis.
  3. Marketing Audit.
  4. Marketing Plan.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Focusing on the final action, which is the conversion, is undoubtedly important. However, it is essential to acknowledge that there are a number of steps that occur before reaching that point. Specific drivers play a significant role in bringing people to your website, while certain barriers may cause them to leave. Moreover, particular hooks are used to persuade them to convert them from prospects to actual customers or clients.

    The Blue Coppers team specializes in identifying these factors and effectively addressing them, ultimately leading to a significant boost in conversion rate.

    With Blue Coppers you will get:

    Collaboration Meetings

    SWOT Analysis

    Marketing Audit

    Marketing Plan

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